Freight forwarding

Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarding


Freight forwarding refers to the intermediary travel between the producer of the goods and their destination. As international freight forwarders, SLS offers a range of transport options such as sea, land, and air freight, with the responsibility of negotiating with carriers to provide the best route possible through price, speed, and reliability considerations.

We make the process of overseeing your supply chain more convenient by bringing its various components together. Furthermore, our air and sea freight forwarding services manage minor and major transport details, like cargo bookings, carrier selections, duty calculations, and customs requirements. Freeing up time and energy which can be better devoted to your company’s primary activities.

SLS’s freight forwarding services include:

Ocean Freight Services by Shriniwas Logistics

Ocean Freight Services

Air Freight Services


Transport Management

Ocean Freight Services by Shriniwas Logistics


SLS manages the freight shipped from India to all parts of the world and has a long-established global network to offer clients complete cargo control, including air or sea cargo consolidation, award-winning SKU/product line level tracking, alerting, and KPI reporting.


Customs Clearance

Customs clearance and procedures are an essential part of SLS’s complete supply chain solution offering. SLS has a large team of in-house licensed brokers with extensive knowledge and experience in all related customs processes.
With attention to detail and a fully computerized work with Indian Customs, the team guarantees correct procedures are implemented to ensure all import and export cargo is cleared quickly and efficiently.