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ODC Vehicles

With Our Over Dimension Consignment (ODC) Transportation, we can help you to be on top of the game. Because ODCs are well-crafted vessels, they are best suited to haul more than standard cargo, especially gears weighing 500-1000 tons.

Have you heard of the term Over Dimensional Cargo ? The term ODC refers to oversized cargo, which refers to many other terms such as off-gauge cargo, high-altitude cargo, and heavy transport.

When preparing for oversized freight, the number of limits and factors to consider can be overwhelming. One mistake can have costly consequences for revenue and transit time. However, knowing what to expect when preparing your cargo will make everything go smoothly.

Moving or transporting this type of heavy goods from one location to another is a hectic task, so the company you hire as a logistics partner must be a thoroughly professional service provider and must not only have the required expertise but also many years of work experience in this domain. One must ensure to hire professional service providers to have accurate and proper control over these types of assignments.

Our ODC is well-crafted and tested to meet the transportation needs of traders. For cargo larger than Standard Containers of dimensions (20 feet, 40 feet, etc.), ODC is the preferred method.
ODC vehicle service provider
With years of experience in logistics planning and execution for various Indian industries, ODC movement remains an important part of our business. Before making any commitment, our transport engineers conduct an in-depth logistics study. 

Our company offers agile, strategic solutions for project material handling and multimodal ODC logistics.

Transport and shipping of oversize break bulk in India.