Custom Clearance and Forwarding

Custom Clearance & Forwarding

Customs clearance services in India by Shriniwas Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd. Our team is a one of a kind. We make complex regulations and formalities easy for you to execute. Whom to contact, what to do and why we can help in your business strategy. Terrific shipping services, global express, freight forwarding and logistics at a reasonable price. We'll make sure your shipments travel safe and accurate.

Custom clearance services India, our experts support clients to have the goods cleared via customs Quickly and Efficiently using our Electronic Customs Clearance Network at India’s any Custom Port of Entry.
Shriniwas Logistics Services can even preclear shipment before arrival, so import cargo can be delivered without any delay or at any added expense. Once cargo clears customs, our turnkey services can be used to make transportation and delivery arrangements throughout India.

Custom Clearing Services

Why choose our custom clearance services?

In today’s fast-moving world managing cargo globally is not simple. Shippers are flooded with new custom regulations all the time.
How can you ensure that your imports and exports are not held up due to compliance issues? When you work with Shriniwas Logistics, we keep you informed about customs clearance processes, so you don’t have to worry.

By choosing us we ensure your Goods reach their destination on time and hassle-free.
International shipping can be challenging.

Shriniwas Logistics Services Private Limited custom clearance means
our experts consulting to guide you through the complexity of:

Rapid Globalization has increased in ever-changing international trade
Custom Clearnace Services India

An area that is quickly evolving and presenting major challenges and complexities to Global Supply Chains, we at Shriniwas Logistics, use our worldwide customs presence and expertise to reduce the complexity for peace-of-mind import and export customs brokerage activities.
We are a certified partner who will act on your behalf to ensure Compliant Services and Transparency throughout every step of your Custom Clearnace Services in India. 

What are the benefits of having an International Custom Clearance Partner? Why Outsource your Custom Clearance?

When you have a competent customs partner, you don’t have to spend your staff time learning new rules or solving problems with custom officers.

Instead, your people focus on your business, We your partner makes sure your goods are cleared from India in a timely fashion. What’s more, you never pay more duties and taxes than you need.