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We contribute to  different societiesperspectives, and ideas. This diversity shapes and enriches our commercial climate, which is characterized by respect, understanding and trust.
It’s important that everyone is suitable to develop in line with their strengths and interact with each other in an unprejudiced manner.

Trainee employees

Prospects for junior staff
Shriniwas Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd. offers a dozen different vocational training programs in logistics on field for the next generations of logistics experts.
Even during the times of the pandemic, Shriniwas Logistics has been viewed as an attractive employer.


The Global Code of Ethics reflects our corporate philosophy, defining our basic values and the standards of conduct expected of managers and employees, internally and externally.
The Code of Ethics sets out principles for the fair and respectful treatment of our co-workers, customers and business partners.

Employee Benefits

At Shriniwas Logistics we care about the physical, mental and social health of our employees, We arrange timely health camp for the regular health checks of our employees to ensure the good health conditions and safety to avoid infection
in the pandemic period.

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