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Mrs. Manjushree Pradeep Dhamankar


My Vision : Is to transform the sustainability of last mile delivery.

My Mission : Is to the reduce the world’s congestion and emissions by moving things through our Networks.

Mrs Manjushree Pradeep Dhamankar has been pivotal in ushering transparent and fair business practices in the industry. Under her remarkable leadership, Shriniwas Logistics has delivered superior service to its clients while fostering customer-centricity and a DNA of operational excellence.

Mrs. Dhamankar has over 12 years of experience in supply chain management. Mrs. Manjushree Pradeep Dhamankar holds her Bachelor’s Degree from Pune University. 

As Director of Marketing & Sales, she focusses mainly on business planning, logistics outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, market analysis and benchmarking, logistics operations and pricing benchmarking, domestic transportation management and supply chain systems evaluation and selection.

Clients value Mrs. Dhamankar’s ability to leverage 3PL operations experience and SLS Pvt. Ltd. leading 3PL services to drive operational improvements and offer insightful perspective to 3PL business strategy engagements. She has been a logistics professional, performing in a variety of progressive operational leadership capacities for SLS Pvt. Ltd. and its customers.

She is overall responsibility for all aspects of SLS business strategy and execution throughout SLS network of wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships.

Service Excellence at SLS is a persistent and creative undertaking to achieve best-in-class performance, reliability and sustainability standards. Our vertically integrated processes have greatly enhanced our capabilities, helped us maintain high-quality standards and provided scope for design innovation and flexibility.

Delivering first-class supply chain solutions for over 12 years. Our full solution approach to supply chain management services differentiates from many providers in the industry.
Our consultative and customised approach ensures the supply chain modelling uniquely fits the needs of each business to minimise costs and overall time to market for customers.